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Server Hosting in (Asia) Tokyo, Japan
Our Tokyo, Japan location is our primary Asian location for game servers, teamspeak, and ventrilo servers. This location is a great choice for clans that have gamers within Asia.
Available Server Types:
Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting
Nearby Locations:
(Asia) South Korea
Demo (Asia) Tokyo, Japan Teamspeak 3 Server
Click to join: Demo Teamspeak3 Server (ts3server://
All (Asia) Tokyo, Japan Teamspeak 3 servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo (Asia) Tokyo, Japan Ventrilo Server
Click to join: ventrilo:// All (Asia) Tokyo, Japan Ventrilo servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo (Asia) Tokyo, Japan Game Servers
Battlefield 3 28/32 AMSAK SERVER - 32 Players - Japan - All Weapons - 1000T
Battlefield 3 0/24 HK PLAYER SER WELCOME!!!
Battlefield 3 0/64 YUKARIGOHAN Server
Battlefield 3 0/64 #1 CHINA AS [GDG] YY:70222642
Battlefield 3 0/64 [JPN]DANZIRI Server FF=on Cam=off
Battlefield 4 0/64 [1v66] #1 Conquest / No Limit / 1200 Tickets /
Battlefield 4 0/20 =03z= TD(o)M DieHard [ Noobs Priority ]No Limit Weapons
Battlefield 4 0/10 =Welcome Duck Fight!= good fight! good game gg!!
Battlefield 4 0/70 [GTN] No Explosive&Shotgun Metoro&Locker1200. [Votemap]
Battlefield 4 0/18 HOLEEYEAH! HP70% //FF = on //sniper rifle pistols & Mele
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 Barebones FFA No Concussion
Contagion 0/8 Another Server is Born!
Counter Strike Source 0/10
DayZ Standalone 8/30 Star Command
DayZ Standalone 0/30 DayZ do do do (Public/Veteran) 125360 - Hosted by GameServers.c
DayZ Standalone 1/30 DayZ Kstc Clan Game Server- Hosted by
DayZ Standalone 1/30 YY:88187012,kai G=ban
DayZ Standalone 4/40 DayZ SA [ITIGOITIE] by
Minecraft 0/8 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/8 All members have fun!!
Minecraft 0/4 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/5 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/16 J Minecraft Server
Team Fortress 2 0/32
Team Fortress 2 0/10
Team Fortress 2 0/24
* Policies on these (Asia) Tokyo, Japan demo servers we host are enforced by clients and not by
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