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Insurgency Standalone
Monday, February 3, 2014  
Insurgency Standalone Insurgency Standalone is now available for ordering on The follow up to the popular Insurgency Source Mod, the standalone takes the close quarters team combat game to a new level. For more information on Insurgency hosting, please visit our Insurgency page: For more information about Insurgency Standalone, visit:
Standalone DayZ Hosting
Tuesday, December 17, 2013  
The full version DayZ Standalone is now available on Steam Early Access for early adopters and fans of the original game! Players will be able to experience the work in progress and provide feedback to influence the final product. is an official provider for DayZ and we are now offering server across our worldwide network. Servers will be kept up to date with all of the latest patches and version updates as they become available. To get your DayZ Server, visit our page:
Starbound Servers
Friday, December 13, 2013  
Due to popular demand, Starbound hosting is now being offered on across our worldwide network! The game client and server are currently available as a alpha/beta release version and will support the game throughout its development cycle and apply hotfixes and patches as they are made available. Follow the game's development and influence the final product with your feedback by starting up your own Starbound server today! For more information on Starbound rentals visit: For more information about Starbound visit:
Battlefield 4 Preorders Now Available!
Monday, October 14, 2013  
Attention Battlefield Gamers! is happy to announce that we are officially open for BF4 pre-orders! Choose the largest gaming network with the newest hardware available on the market. Brand new current generation servers are currently in transit to all of our locations, designed to handle up to 70 simultaneous players without skipping a beat! 25% OFF LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT For a limited time, we are offering a preorder special for Twitter users - visit our page and follow the instructions to get your 25% OFF discount. Visit our Battlefield 4 for more information, including the server launch date and the maximum players per server:
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