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Server Hosting in Montreal, Canada
Our Montreal ventrilo and game servers datacenter has direct connection to many local internet providers and provides excellent pings for these customers. Test out our demo servers to see your performance!
Available Server Types:
Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting
Nearby Locations:
New York / New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, Virginia/Washington D.C., Toronto, Canada
Demo Montreal, Canada Teamspeak 3 Server
Click to join: Demo Teamspeak3 Server (ts3server://
All Montreal, Canada Teamspeak 3 servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo Montreal, Canada Ventrilo Server
Click to join: ventrilo:// All Montreal, Canada Ventrilo servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo Montreal, Canada Game Servers
7 Days To Die 0/11 Canada server
7 Days To Die 0/8 The zombie Penis and the atomic Cheeeetaasss7 Days To Die GameS
7 Days To Die 0/8 DisneyLand
7 Days To Die 0/8 botvie Montreal
7 Days To Die 1/20
America's Army Proving Grounds 0/12 America's Army Proving Grounds Server
America's Army Proving Grounds 0/24 America's Army Proving Grounds Server
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/24 TBG4U The Battle veterans Atacama 24/7 server
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/16 KNV --knife only---autoadmin---KNIFE only
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/8 Vietnam Maps +
Battlefield Vietnam (Not BC 2: Vietnam) 7/48 [GRIFFIN] Montreal
Call of Duty: Blackops [UNRANKED] 0/20 SCRIM SERVER
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 0/24 Firelink Shrine East Coast[24p] TO - LF regs and admins
Counter Strike Source 2/20 [] #1 24/7 Surf RPG Deathmatch!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/18 A New CS:GO Server
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/12 COQAM Scrim Server CEVO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/16 [CC] 24/7 Combat Corps Deathmatch |
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 128 TICK 0/15 Snoozer's Playground 128 TICKS
Cube World 0/10
Farming Simulator 2013 0/16
Farming Simulator 2013 0/8 Not yet scanned
Halo 3/12 -db- | | RaceX1
Lead and Gold 0/10 Another LnG Server
Minecraft 0/16 Sovereign Server
Minecraft 1/4 Hey yo smell this!
Minecraft 0/6 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/8 TekPK is MLG
Minecraft 0/4 A Minecraft Server
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Rust (Default) 0/50 !! Canada East - Active Admins TP Kits Instacraft Remover and m
Rust (Default) 1/50 US/FR RUSTADDICT -FRESH 14/11
Rust (Default) 0/50 TheXBurnsX Quebec Rust Server
Rust (Default) 0/50 !!!FR/QC/friendly!!!
Rust (Default) 0/50 !! Multiplay - Just Plain Friendly
Rust (Legacy) 0/50 Onezy's World
Rust (Legacy) 0/50 10/16 active admin PvP no dura
Rust (Legacy) 0/50 MultiPlay::[FR] PvP / Admin Actif / AirDrop 15 joueu
Rust (Legacy) 2/50 NoobFriendly|250Planks|MassLoot|ActiveAdmins|AD|5XGather|NoDura
Rust (Legacy) 33/80 11/20 .:PROPER:. MASSLOOT/P250/2X/TP/HOME/ADMINS/ANTIS
Starbound 0/10 A new Starbound Server
Starbound 0/10 Serenity
Terraria 0/10
Unreal Tournament 0/10 [SLV] UT-SLV Old School Strangelove Arena - [New York] -
* Policies on these Montreal, Canada demo servers we host are enforced by clients and not by
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