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Server Hosting in St. Louis, Missouri
The St Louis datacenter is connected to major network backbones in the United States and offers great pings to game server, ventrilo, and teamspeak customers even if they are not located in the same state.
Available Server Types:
Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting
Nearby Locations:
Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Virginia/Washington D.C., Denver, Colorado, Toronto, Canada
Demo St. Louis, Missouri Teamspeak 3 Server
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Demo St. Louis, Missouri Ventrilo Server
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Demo St. Louis, Missouri Game Servers
7 Days To Die 0/10 Zombie Land
7 Days To Die 0/15 ft lost in the woods
7 Days To Die 0/8 [ff66cc][M.O.B] Server [Active Moderators]
America's Army Proving Grounds 0/16 [sS]. | 8v8 FLO | SSHD
BattleField 1942 0/16 Ghetto Berlin
Battlefield 3 0/36 ORE Gaming - Noobs Welcome -
Battlefield 3 0/16 Huck's Place
Battlefield 3 0/30 SOUTHERN NOOBS SERVER.4 ppl start, fast respawn
Battlefield 3 0/24 [NBH]
Battlefield 4 0/32 RoC Battlefield 4 Server - NOOBS Welcome
Battlefield 4 0/10 RJ Gaming - Members Only
Battlefield 4 0/24 [FTF] BF4. All Weapons. All Welcome. Mixed Modes.
Battlefield 4 0/32 St. Louis Hammer House
Battlefield 4 0/34 (((NTCC))) Noobs Welcome!--Premier Maps & Modes
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/16 Ops Task Force =OTF=
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/8 GFG Game Server MAX RANK 40
Call Of Duty 2 0/10 HappyHourBoltOnly
Call Of Duty 4 4/20 FFA|HC Gamerz #2|NO MARTY ALLOWED
Call Of Duty 4 0/20 Shadow Recon Group 1
Call Of Duty 4 10/30 sc TDM HC Best Maps
Call Of Duty 4 0/16 CS7~Christian Soldiers 7th FFA HC
Call Of Duty 4 0/16 BsO Bolt Snipers Only
Call of Duty 5 World at War 0/15 [H_H]Tact.True Weapons
Call of Duty 5 World at War 0/38 -=AGX=- OW HC Mixed Custom Maps
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 [YYZ] Gibby's Headquarters
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 [XFIRE] 18 Player S&D - All Maps [RANKED]
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 BlackOpsPublic
Counter Strike 1.6 0/10 SUPER EXTRA GAY SEXY TIME | 5v5 PUG | 24/7
Counter Strike Source 0/10 #AusSurf Skill US [66Tick - Tricks - FastDL]
Counter Strike Source 10/14 | Death Match | Parachute | Fast Dl
Counter Strike Source 8/10 | PUB | Parachute | Fast DL
Counter Strike Source 0/21 Counter-Strike: Source Academy
Counter Strike Source 0/10 EXILE
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/12 Boogiem4n's practice server
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/24 | Custom Map Arms Race
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 128 TICK 0/24 | The Psychedelic Den of Map Experimentation
Day of Defeat Source 0/18 EmpyreanGuard: Christian Gaming
DayZ Standalone 1/40 DayZ Ystervarke Gaming Community
DayZ Standalone 1/30 DayZ (Public/Veteran) 124737 - Hosted by
DayZ Standalone 3/40 TreeHouse Killers - Massive Loot Respawns
DayZ Standalone 3/40 24/7 NIGHT - HARDCORE P V P -
DayZ Standalone 4/30 |FoNz| BambiLand Presented by: Federation of Noobz
Farming Simulator 0/8
Farming Simulator 0/12
Farming Simulator 0/8 Not yet scanned
Farming Simulator 0/8
Farming Simulator 0/8
Half Life Team Fortress 0/10 Buttz McGee
Half Life Team Fortress 0/10 The Head Shop -[24/7 Snipe]-
Killing Floor 0/6 LandOfTheZed [Map & Difficulty Voting - Whitelisted - St. Louis, MO]
Left 4 Dead 0/8 SGC Guns #7 - Camman's Zombie Makeover
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault 14/32 GUARDIAN'S WORLD OF PAIN!
Medal of Honor Spearhead 0/16 -=TRS=- FFA Mania
Minecraft 0/16 Adventure into The Shadowlands
Minecraft 0/8 A flim flam bop badum a zeeble zobble mubble fop!
Minecraft 0/4 (Blank)
Minecraft 0/5 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/4 A Minecraft Server
Natural Selection 2 0/10 | Natural Selection 2
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/2
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Rust 0/50 Templetown::Instacraft/PvP/NoobFriendly/ActiveAdmins
Rust 0/50 US Midwest|PVP|Sleepers|Active Admins|AD@10
Rust 0/50 Rainacorn
Rust 0/50 Another Rust Server
Star Made 0/10
Starbound 0/10 A new Starbound Server
Starbound 0/10 A new Starbound Server
Team Fortress 2 9/20 Blue Heaven Alpha Achievement/Trade/Idle Server
Team Fortress 2 6/24 Achievement Idle Trade 24/7
Team Fortress 2 0/32 A New TF2 Server is Born
Team Fortress 2 0/24 Killer Kodyak's Halloween Fortress
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10 Not yet scanned
Terraria 0/10
Unreal Tournament 0/10 [ASC] **D:A** Dark Angels 2 - Low Gravity * Custom Rifle *
Unreal Tournament 0/10 |ZARK||ZFN| The Black Legion
Unreal Tournament 0/18 =|BYOB~GRUMPY OL' MEN SERVER~BYOB|=
Unreal Tournament 2004 0/18 A Bad Ass Server
Unreal Tournament 2004 0/32 | UT2K4
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