Server Hosting in Atlanta, Georgia

Game and ventrilo servers in Atlanta are a great choice for users in Georgia, South Carolina and northern Florida.

Available Server Types:

Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting

Nearby Locations:

New York / New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Tampa Bay, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, Virginia/Washington D.C., Toronto, Canada, Miami, Florida

Demo Atlanta, Georgia Teamspeak 3 Server

Click to join: Demo Teamspeak3 Server ts3server:// All Atlanta, Georgia Teamspeak 3 servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo Atlanta, Georgia Ventrilo Server

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Demo Atlanta, Georgia Game Servers

ARK: Survival Evolved 0/30 5thImperium - (v326.3)
ARK: Survival Evolved 0/30 There's Dinos over there! - (v324.22)
ARK: Survival Evolved 0/54 jipthebear - (v325.23)
ARK: Survival Evolved 0/30 Another Gameservers.com Server is Born! - (v320.57)
ARK: Survival Evolved 0/30 Guntzu's Island of Horror - (v321.1)
ARMA 3 0/12 Harrison Antistasi
BattleField 1942 0/20 Dr.SunHud's Wicked Berlin
Battlefield 4 0/24 ByTheLeft's TDM/DOM Server!
Battlefield 4 2/10 [CGS]
Battlefield 4 0/12 ! Fat Bald Cats Noobs/Avg players Welcomed. Fast Veh spawn!
Battlefield 4 0/14 MATAMANCOS
Battlefield Hardline 0/10 CSG1 Hardcore Battlefield Hardline Server
Battlefield Vietnam (Not BC 2: Vietnam) 5/54 *Easy Prey/Death*
Call Of Duty 0/10 Harryfarts cod
Call Of Duty 4 0/14 A Black Ops|| Server
Call Of Duty 4 0/10 Fast and Clean Promod
Call of Duty United Offensive 0/16 AWI Still here, still kickin'
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 SoF SHOTTYS HARDCORE CROUCH Only
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 SoF Crouch TDM
Conan Exiles 1/20 Unbowed
Counter Strike 1.6 0/12 East Coast Finest-1000FPS-Competitive
Counter Strike 1.6 0/10 A New Gameservers.com Server is Born
Counter Strike Source 1/20 -- Smoker's Lounge [100Tick][Nades][Stats][US][ATL]
Counter Strike Source 0/10 Test
Counter Strike Source 5/43 illegal Adaptive bots !
Counter Strike Source 3/48 Angry Bots
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/30 Fast Deathmatch
Farming Simulator 2017 0/16 NoName RP
Farming Simulator 2017 0/8 KugelHagel Farm Server
Half Life 2 Deathmatch 0/8 Moe's
Half Life 2 Deathmatch 0/16 HL2 Deathmatch: TSGK.com Server XVII
HaloCE 0/10 ! .::Classic Games::.
Insurgency 10/32 Battle of 91X
Insurgency Sandstorm 0/8 Another GameServers.com Sandstorm Server
Insurgency Sandstorm 0/10 [III] - Three Percenters - Co-Op Server
Insurgency Sandstorm 0/8 The Out House
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Feroni's Server
Killing Floor 2 0/6 GeekSouls GT 2
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Bacardi Bandits
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Ariana Grande Fan Club
Killing Floor 2 5/6 Flying Penguin's Low Grav KF2 Server
Left 4 Dead 2 0/8 Valve Left4Dead 2 US East Server
Left 4 Dead 2 0/8 LilAsskicker2
Life is Feudal 0/12 Nefarious
Life is Feudal 0/8 SleepyHallow
Life is Feudal 0/8 Spyders Life Join Discord a HQFv6mXt learn everything
Medal of Honor Warfighter 0/12 [RATT]Pack Warfighter Server
Minecraft 0/24 Go Home
Minecraft 0/24 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/24 We hate you please die.
Minecraft 4/48 Where everyone gets a pony.
Minecraft 0/32 Yet Another Minecraft Server
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0/6 Minecraft: PE Servers Available at GameServers.com
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0/6 Minecraft: PE Servers Available at GameServers.com
MORDHAU 0/10 Duel or Die. No RDM
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/4
Rust 18/100 1776 |PVE| 5X Loot & Gather | Zombie Apocalypse
Rust 5/100 Palehorse's Friendly Server|1/2 Decay|No Rads|Low Pop
Rust 4/200 Old Fart's Retirement Community (No KoS, Max Duo, Low Upkeep)
Rust 3/101 Isle of Solitude | Solo Duo Trio | NEW Seed
Space Engineers 0/20 EGC Space Engineers
Space Engineers 0/8 Pegasus
Space Engineers 0/15 Park Rangers
Space Engineers 0/8 Unnamed server
Starbound 0/5 A Starbound Server
Starbound 0/10 Fuck Brothers International
Starbound 0/5 A Starbound Server
Starbound 0/4 A Starbound Server
Starbound 0/5 A Starbound Server
Team Fortress 2 0/10 A New GameServers.com TF2 Server is Born
Team Fortress 2 0/32 Joey's Hidden Realm
Terraria 0/10 Not yet scanned
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10
Track Mania 2 0/10
Unreal Tournament 2004 9/10 A_FART_IN_THE_WIND
Unturned 0/8 marshmans server
Unturned 0/16 Legends PVP
* Policies on these Atlanta, Georgia demo servers we host are enforced by clients and not by GameServers.com.