Server Hosting in Tokyo, Japan

Our Tokyo, Japan location is our primary Asian location for game servers, teamspeak, and ventrilo servers. This location is a great choice for clans that have gamers within Asia.

Available Server Types:

Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting

Nearby Locations:

South Korea

Demo Tokyo, Japan Teamspeak 3 Server

Click to join: Demo Teamspeak3 Server ts3server:// All Tokyo, Japan Teamspeak 3 servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo Tokyo, Japan Ventrilo Server

Click to join: ventrilo:// All Tokyo, Japan Ventrilo servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo Tokyo, Japan Game Servers

ARMA 3 0/8 Another Hosted Server
ARMA 3 0/8 A250iso123
ARMA 3 0/8 DiamondDogsAtlis
BATTALION 1944 0/12 90126484682170373
Battlefield 4 0/10 FNDS server
Battlefield 4 0/10 TEST_FROM_ET
Battlefield 4 0/10 10 players battlefield4
Battlefield 4 0/24 Battle Field Prologue Cup Server #2
Battlefield 4 0/10 A new BF4 Server!
Call of Duty: Blackops [RANKED] 0/18 Barebone FFA No Concussion
Conan Exiles 0/20 A New Server Is Born!
Conan Exiles 1/20 TOG Conan
Conan Exiles 8/30 「4Gamers」全新PVE經驗10倍0721
Counter Strike 1.6 0/10 Touch Kidz <3
Counter Strike Source 0/10 Safouri Server
DayZ Standalone (Ranked) 0/60
Farming Simulator 2017 0/8 Dedi Server
Farming Simulator 2017 0/8 pcjpnet's Server
Insurgency Sandstorm 8/8 [JP] Last Man Standing - for serious gamers
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Ministry of Critical Thinking
Killing Floor 2 1/6 SPIKA -No UpGrade- Renewal
Minecraft 1/24 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/8 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/8 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/32 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/24 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0/6 Minecraft: PE Servers Available at
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0/16 Kyborg's World
Rust 18/50 [JP/Tokyo] Rusty Underpants Tokyo | Solo (一人で) / Duo (二
Rust 21/50 [VN/JP/ASIA] Let's Play - x3 WIPED 17/07
Rust 0/50
Rust 24/50 JP|Tokyo|SOLO DUO
Rust 4/50 [JP/Tokyo]Rusty Underpants PVE
Space Engineers 0/10 Dr Dave PvP PvE 24-7 Stable (JPN)
Starbound 0/10 [JPN/EN] Crappy FU Server
Starbound 0/4 Random Space
Starbound 0/5 A Starbound Server
Team Fortress 2 0/12 Asia eSports JP#2 | Powered by GameServers
Team Fortress 2 0/12 Asia eSports JP#1 | Powered by GameServers
Unturned 0/8 anzio servers
Unturned 0/8 A New Server is born!
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