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Server Hosting in (EU) Madrid, Spain
Our Madrid, Spain location is an ideal choice for Southern France, Portugal, and Spain hosting of game servers, Ventrilo servers and Teamspeak.
Available Server Types:
Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting
Nearby Locations:
(EU) London, UK, (EU) Paris, France, (EU) Milan, Italy
Demo (EU) Madrid, Spain Teamspeak 3 Server
Click to join: Demo Teamspeak3 Server (ts3server://
All (EU) Madrid, Spain Teamspeak 3 servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo (EU) Madrid, Spain Ventrilo Server
Click to join: ventrilo:// All (EU) Madrid, Spain Ventrilo servers include our money back guarantee and instant activation.
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Demo (EU) Madrid, Spain Game Servers
7 Days To Die 7/20 [ESP] Fatality Survival - 24/7
7 Days To Die 0/30
America's Army Proving Grounds 0/24 CLV SERVER [SPAIN]
Battlefield 3 0/32 A prueba de balas / Bulletproof
Battlefield 3 0/16 [ESP] Gaming [2] - Bolt Sniper & Knife Only {{ Autoadmin }}
Battlefield 4 2/70 Oaks Clan | ESP | Domination | Adaptive 64 | By BFeSportNews
Battlefield 4 0/18 ProtoType Arena
Battlefield Hardline 0/33 [ESP] CLANGNX.NET - MaLoS De CoJoNeS - HardLine Spain
Battlefield Hardline 0/11 BlaZe Team O_o 5vs5
Battlefield Hardline 0/32 # iZi COMPANY
Battlefield Hardline 1/32 KiCK - CQS - Tangas inside!
Battlefield Hardline 0/32 [UDC] All MODES | Welcome | Enjoy
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 0/24 BlackKnight FFA
DayZ Standalone 3/30 DayZproject - Hosted by
DayZ Standalone 11/30 [FR]Hight loot restart toutes les 2 heures
DayZ Standalone 5/30 safeWorld(Public/Veteran) 127157 - Hosted by
DayZ Standalone 7/30 All Eyes On Us ! Cassez vous les puceaux !
DayZ Standalone 3/30 Test Server Don't Join
Medal of Honor Warfighter 0/20 PFF - NO Tac50
Procon 0/1
Reign Of Kings 0/15 Not yet scanned
Rust (Default) 0/50
Rust (Default) 0/50
Rust (Default) 0/150
Rust (Default) 0/60
Rust (Default) 0/50 [ES] La Isla del Salseo [x20/HOME/TP/INSTCRFT/NPC/KITS/PVP/CLAN
Track Mania 2 0/10
* Policies on these (EU) Madrid, Spain demo servers we host are enforced by clients and not by
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