Server Hosting in Seattle, Washington

Our Seattle location is popular with many game and ventrilo server users from Washington state and neighboring Portland and Vancouver Canada.

Available Server Types:

Game Servers, Teamspeak3 Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Enterprise Hosting

Nearby Locations:

San Jose, California, Vancouver, Canada

Demo Seattle, Washington Teamspeak 3 Server

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Demo Seattle, Washington Ventrilo Server

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Demo Seattle, Washington Game Servers

7 Days To Die 0/20 End Of Days|PVE|3 day LR|150% XP|04-04|
ARK: Survival Evolved 3/30 Highclere - (v324.10)
ARK: Survival Evolved 0/30 Cat Dog and Box Adventures - (v326.3)
ARMA 3 0/8 Rutger Server
ARMA 3 0/12 [BOMSF] Black Ops Mercenaries Special Forces
ARMA 3 0/10 Bacons OPTRE BS
ARMA 3 0/12 New York Life
ARMA 3 0/8 Jaggid Warfare
Battlefield 3 0/16 Weapon Assignment Unlock Server
Battlefield 4 0/16 =GR= Gunrunners 144 HZ
Battlefield 4 0/21 A new GameServers.com BF4 Server!
Battlefield 4 0/70 United States Base Server
Battlefield 4 0/70 Penal Highway #1 // Conquest Large // US West
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked 0/8 Bills Basement
Call Of Duty 0/10 [PC]Pixal's 6 pak
Conan Exiles 0/20 Thundarr's House
Conan Exiles 0/20 Dextrose's Not So Sweet Server Is Born!
Counter Strike Source 0/24 [ sFa ] 24/7 Scouts Knives
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 0/12 A New GameServers.com CS:GO Server
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 128 TICK 0/12 Pivot Prac [Seattle]
Enemy Territory 10/26 A New Clanservers.com Server is Born
Enemy Territory 12/14 =|WEST COAST GRIZZLIES|=
Enemy Territory 0/10 XMD_TC:TC 50a (ctf/bc/dem)
Insurgency Sandstorm 0/8 Monkies Are Smart
Insurgency Sandstorm 0/8 Another GameServers.com Sandstorm Server
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Weeb Squad Suicidal
Killing Floor 2 0/6 PURE Killing Floor 2
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Bad Time Simulator
Killing Floor 2 0/6 Hyperiongaming.org - The ZedLanding proving grounds
Life is Feudal 0/8 Medieval Bois
Life is Feudal 1/30 LiFYO Server by Ox Rebourne 1 West Coast
Minecraft 0/64 don't be a dick
Minecraft 0/24
Minecraft 0/24 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/40 A Minecraft Server
Minecraft 0/12 Larson Online Server 2020
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0/12 Tommy Minecraft Server
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1
Procon 0/1 Not yet scanned
Procon 0/1
Project Zomboid 0/8 tymen
Rust 0/100 Rusty Freedom Solo/Duo/Trio Noobs No decay No Rads
Rust 0/50 [US] Brave New Rust | Vanilla 04/01 | New Wipe
Rust 18/100 A1 Seattle Rusts [05/00] Noobs Welcome
Rust 0/100 Ant Farm-|Solo-Duo-Trio
Rust 0/50 N1LA Rusty Trusty Issues/Plane Crash/Taxi/Levels
Space Engineers 0/8 Akryder
Space Engineers 0/8 trashpanda1
Star Made 0/10 Not yet scanned
Starbound 0/10 Tartarus Sector
Starbound 0/4 A Starbound Server
Starbound 0/4 The Solbara Sector
Starbound 0/8 Starbound Friends
Starbound 0/5 Our Mission: Quest to the furthest stars in the galaxy, discover and record all alien lifeforms,
Team Fortress 2 0/20 Acid Rain
Team Fortress 2 0/18 TheGreatGoldenCock
Team Fortress 2 0/20 Kiara Fried Phoenix Clan TF2 Server
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/15
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10
Terraria 0/10
Track Mania 2 0/10
Unreal Tournament 0/10 C.H.U.D.'s Palace
Unturned 0/24 √Āustie and Swedz server
Unturned 0/16 HEXSERV Vanilla Survival
Unturned 0/20 Fallout Washington | PVP | Factions
Urban Terror 0/10 Wacki Land
* Policies on these Seattle, Washington demo servers we host are enforced by clients and not by GameServers.com.